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1.    The website ('the Website') is owned and operated by Brenda Brady.

2.    Your access to the Website constitutes your acceptance of Brenda's Privacy & Legal: Terms and Conditions of Use herein ('the Terms'). Brenda reserves the right to change the Terms at any time.

3.    This website contains links to third party sites. However, as monitoring the information disseminated and accessible through those third party sites links is impracticable, such information cannot be guaranteed to be accurate or up to date.  Brenda takes no responsibility for her accuracy.

4.    Any views or opinions expressed by advertisers or contributors in this site are not necessarily the views of Brenda.

5.    You acknowledge that neither Brenda, nor her suppliers or distributors guarantee or warrant the accuracy, completeness, merchantability or fitness for any particular purpose of any information on the website.  You agree that neither Brenda nor her suppliers or service providers shall be liable to you for any loss or injury whether direct or indirect arising out of or caused by the use of any information on the website.

6.    The use of this website and these conditions shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of New Zealand. Any legal action arising out of her use shall be brought and enforced under the laws of New Zealand. By using this site, you agree to submit to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of New Zealand.

All information, text, images, graphics, software and advertisements contained in the Website are protected by copyright and trademark Law, and all rights are reserved. Except where expressly stated all material on the site is presented for your information and entertainment only, and you are not permitted to download any material except when reasonably necessary to access the Website. When you access the site, you agree that you do so on the following conditions: 

a)     Except as noted above, you may retrieve, review or download the material for your personal information and entertainment only.

b)     You may save a local copy of or print material from it for your own personal information or entertainment, and to inform others about it, but you may not charge any fee for any use and all commercial exploitation of any material on the Website is expressly prohibited.

c)      Any copyright notice or mark appearing on any material on the Website must be included on any copy you make.

d)    You must keep all material intact and in the same form as presented on the Website; you may not modify it without the express permission of Brenda. 

e)     You must not use the Website or any of the material contained in it for any purpose which is unlawful, prohibited under these Terms, or which violates any right of Brenda or any other owner of any rights in the material contained in the Website.  

The Brenda logo may not be used without the prior specific and written permission of Brenda. No other trademark appearing in the Website may be used without the prior specific and written permission of the trademark owner.

Logos for all programmes are the registered trademarks and/or copyright of Brenda or her licensors and may not be used (other than in accordance with these Terms) without the prior specific and written permission of Brenda.

Registration forms and other interactive facilities
Your use of or participation in any interactive facility associated with the Website constitutes your agreement that you will not, while doing so:

a)    Post or transmit any illegal, threatening, abusive, defamatory, obscene, pornographic or indecent information or material of any kind, or any material in contempt of any court or parliament, or encourage any other person to do so.

b)    Post or transmit any material which herelf, or in a manner which, violates or infringes upon the rights of any other person, including privacy, performance, moral or copyrights unless you have first obtained the express permission of the relevant right holder.

c)    Knowingly post or transmit or permit the posting or transmission of any material, which contains a computer virus.

d)    Attempt to exploit the activity for your own commercial purposes or the commercial purposes of any other person, or actually do so (including the posting or transmission of advertising or promotional material), except for legitimate e-commerce functions to be performed by registered users.

e)    Delete or alter or attempt to delete or alter attributions, legal notices, trademarks or copyright marks on any material contained in the Website or posted or transmitted on any interactive facility.

f)     Download or post any material, which you know or ought to know cannot be legally distributed. Brenda reserves the right-to-refuse access to any person or edit or delete material posted by any person for any reason without notice.

g)    Notwithstanding her right to supervise or actual supervision of interactivity, Redflame has no obligation whatsoever to monitor interactivity or supervise interactivity in any way and accepts no responsibility for any contents therein including, but not limited to, responsibility for any defamatory material. 

Privacy Policy
Personally identifiable information may be gathered from contest registration, show casting registration, content submissions, community postings, suggestions, voting activities and transactional areas. By providing information in such a manner you agree that it may be used for the purposes for which it is sought.

Brenda reserves the right to perform statistical analysis of user activity and characteristics in order to measure interest in and use of the various areas in the Website and to inform others of such information, as well as the number of users who have been exposed to or have clicked on any particular areas in the site.

You acknowledge that Brenda may hold information you have disclosed in an application/contest entry and contact you regarding this or other programmes/roles/contests. If you are cast in this or another programme, information given by you in this application/entry or other questionnaires or information you have supplied or disclosed to us may be included in materials used in the programme or website or for publicity or similar purposes unless clearly stated othewise. 

You acknowledge that non-personal information and data may be automatically collected through the standard operation of Brenda's Internet servers or through the use of cookies. If you do not want information collected through the use of cookies, you should use your browser's cookie disabling feature. You should note, however, that if cookies are disabled certain features may not be available. The use of cookies on the Website enables us to deliver and maintain customised options when you visit this site.

Brenda reserves the right to change her privacy policy at any time, and you should check this policy from time to time for that reason. This policy is not intended to and does not create any contractual or other legal right in or on behalf of any party.

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