Brenda Brady
Brenda Brady: Informed, Honest, Committed to our community

Key Issues for Council & Community


I am an experienced local board member and city councillor with the knowledge and ability to bring together the diverse needs of the west and manage the pressures of Auckland Council.   

I advocate strongly for the resources to be allocated fairly and equitably for the needs of the west.  If you bring an issue to me I will follow through on your behalf.

I make decisions that reflect the current and future needs and aspirations of our community.

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As an elected representative of the people of our city, I will balance my passion for the west and our diverse and wonderful people, with my ability to see a long-term vision for our region.   

I am a strong and honest representative for you.  I actively seek a win-win solutions to problems. 

Key Issues:

IMG_5218.jpgI have put forward six key issues that are important to our region.


It is not an inclusive list and each requires a whole of government, business and community approach as the issues are very complex. 








  • The People
  • Economic development and employment
  • Rates
  • Improvements to roads and public transport - Fast electric rail services and a northwest busway
  • Housing affordability and healthy homes
  • Strategic planning - A Vision - A Pathway to make Auckland Great

  •   The People

Decision makers must consider the economic, social and cultural health and prosperity of the people

Auckland must be about people - the people will make Auckland great.

I make a commitment to encourage our local community representatives to participate with the Henderson-Massey Local Board.

I am proud of the west, the diverse cultures, hard-working people and beautiful natural environment.   

I make a commitment to caring for all people and recognise the strengths in the diverse cultures of the people of the west.' Many families have felt the effects of Covid with loss of employment, interruption to schooling and illness in their families. In every decision I make I consider the needs of the most vulnerable in our community.  

All people must be considered in decision-making.

IMG_5810.jpgThe region is a true melting-pot of cultures. Maori, the Pacific people, the many Asian cultures and people from many other nations provide an opportunity for Auckland to become a truly international city.   

Many will not be represented by people of their own culture at the Auckland Council table.

To communicate the views of mana whenua it is important that the independent mäori board, established through legislation, is acknowledged as a respected partner.

The Pacific and the Ethnic community advisory boards and Older Adults board are an important aspect of allowing people to have a voice in the huge Auckland Council.

IMG_5934.jpgYoung people under 25 years represent over a third of the people in the west. It is important that young people have a voice in the Auckland Council.

Council has created a citywide Youth Council. It provides a forum to advocate for childrens and youth facilities and opportunities for participation to ensure provision of quality playgrounds, skate parks, youth centres, events and sports facilities and access to jobs. 

Democracy - I encourage your children to be involved in Kids Voting.

Kids Voting is designed to raise awareness among young people about New Zealand's electoral process. Students vote for real candidates and compare their results with the results of the actual election.

I strongly support community partnerships and relationships that are built with not-for profit organisations, as well as with business and central government agencies. 

Partnership and advocacy for community decision-making is important.

IMG_1782.JPGThe people of the west are part of strong and supportive communities.

It is important the Auckland Council continues to support these partnerships.


The changes to Auckland's local government were put in place by central government and their buzz-words were economic development.
This is only part of the picture.



  • Economic development and employment

 I strongly support economic development and the creation of new jobs.

Economic development for our region must achieve better opportunities for employment for you and your children. 

IMG_5794.jpgAuckland Council has continued to build on the Waitakere partnership that is the regions largest and most comprehensive development. 
NORSGA (Northern Strategic Growth Area) and the Hobsonville development is creating, over time, many new jobs. The new metropolitan centre at Westgate is important to the NorthWest. This is a long term project that will benefit our region.

A further example is the New Lynn Transport Orientated Development (TOD). This is based around major improvements to the rail and bus services and intensification of development in the town centre and New Lynn has experienced huge growth over the last ten years.

Henderson has benefited from revitalisation of the business area and the fast-growing Lincoln area has added many new employment opportunities.  The new partnership with the Central Park Henderson Business Association and the creation of a business community  BID Business Improvement District is important to the Henderson Metropolitan Centre. It is an opportunity to provide for supported planning and marketing for the Henderson Lincoln area. The effects of Covid on our business community over the last 2 1/2 years has  been very hard on small business owners. 

The benefits of economic development must be enjoyed by all in our community.

Economic prosperity is only shared by all people when there are increased opportunities for education and skills training, an excellent health service and warm and affordable housing. It is the role of central government to provide these services alongside local government and in partnership with the education and business sector.

IMG_5820.jpg We must consider the wider social, cultural, economic and environmental issues before quality, long-term economic development can be achieved.

  • Rates 

Auckland Council must balance the costs of roads, footpaths and rubbish with providing parks, libraries and safe and attractive places to live, work and play.  The work includes providing services and amenities, planning decisions and governance for the region. The variety of tasks undertaken by the Auckland Council is huge.

The Henderson Massey Local Board does not set your rates, but we do have opportunity to influence council decisions as they come to us for our views and we always speak strongly for the best decisions that reflect the needs of our community.

I will make positive and fair decisions that provide the best value from rates as a member of the Henderson-Massey Local Board. 

Future decisions by Auckland Council around housing availability and affordable housing are important to our community.  These decisions will have to be managed in partnership with central government, so that the burden can be spread over a longer timeframe and Treasury will need to be part of these decisions. 


 Improvements to roads and public transport -Fast electric rail and a north west busway 

Auckland Council covers a very large area, from Wellsford in the north to Bombay in the south. 

It is expensive, but essential, to develop a good public transport system for the central urban area, with buses and trains and to provide for the CRL so that services are more efficient.

Each year millions of dollars of wasted hours are spent waiting in traffic. The air is becoming increasingly polluted. This leads to respiratory illness and the road sediment pollutes our waterways. 

Many families cannot afford a second car and rely on public transport for school and travel to work for the second adult in the household. People must have the opportunity to work close to home. 

IMG_5862.jpgAuckland commuters sit on motorways that look like parking lots. The wider the roads and motorways the more traffic that floods onto them. The regional connections need to be completed and improvements to our road network are essential and many of the decisions fall to NZTA.

Henderson Massey Local Board has created many shared cycleways/ walkways and we will continue with this project. Watch out for the Te  Whau Pathway, a link from Avondale to Te Atatu Peninsula. These pathways allow for opportunities for recreation and for commuting. 

  • Housing affordability and healthy homes 

We must learn from the mistakes of the past. 

Affordable housing is our biggest issue in Auckland.

Releasing a lot of greenfields peripheral land for housing does not lower the costs of housing as huge infrastructure costs are involved. Intensification of the city around the CBD and inner suburbs, around transport nodes and Metropolitan centres alongside the release of some greenfields land can ease the housing shortage.

I have strongly advocated for making the best use of land owned by council in Henderson. There are many opportunities for housing and employment - using council land that is not held as parks. This includes finding a partner who has developed the balance of the old Wilsher Village site in Henderson Valley Road - alongside the new Opanuku Older Adults Village.

The Auckland Council Unitary Plan has a part to play - central government must understand that communities must be planned and not force councils to open greenfield areas with no services and impossible distances to travel for public transport. 

New housing must be about creating neighbourhoods and communities with amenities and local employment opportunities - not just putting up housing. 

Parade Celebrations 2006.jpgWe have been steadily rebuilding the amenities for all of our communities.

Many homes, especially those built before 1978 and even those built up until 1990, are not insulated properly.  A dry and warm home is a healthy home for you and your children.  Local and central government have a part to play.

  •   Strategic planning - A Vision - A Pathway to make Auckland Great

I believe that we need to have a vision.

IMG_5913.jpgIn decision making we must not start with a budget for infrastructure - but with a vision shared by the people in our community.

It must always be about people.

  • The Treaty of Waitangi - Te Tiriti O Waitangi

I value that our nation was born from a partnership with Mäori, as the people of the land. The Treaty of Waitangi is our founding document and mäori have a special place.

We are made equal as people from many lands in a country that that gives all the right to vote and the right to freedom.

I will always make decisions that reflect the current and future needs and aspirations of our community.

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