Brenda Brady
Brenda Brady: Informed, Honest, Committed to our community

Experience & Achievements


An experienced city councillor and local board member with the knowledge and ability to bring together the diverse needs of the west and manage the pressures of the new Auckland Council.   I believe council is always about people.   

I am presently your elected representative on Henderson Massey Local Board and previously a Waitakere City Councillor in the Henderson Ward.

IMG_5818.jpgI will advocate strongly to make sure that the resources are allocated fairly and equitably for the needs of the west. 

Working with our community for over 25 years.

Proven ability to help people resolve issues and achieve personal and community goals.  

I will make positive and fair decisions that provide the best value from rates as a member of the Henderson-Massey Local Board.

Henderson Massey Local Board     2010-2022

Waitakere City Council and Henderson Community Board   

Waitakere city councillor          2007-2010   2001-2004

And Community Board member   2007-2010  2001-2004  1995-1998                                

Experienced member of all council committees.    

Past Deputy Chairperson Finance and Operational Performance Committee, past Chairperson Hillary Commission Grants Committee.   

IMG_2690.JPGInvolved in all aspects of our community

Children and Youth, Older Adults issues, education relationships and employment initiatives and many more

Safer West Community Trust
Neighbourhood Support
Safety Group

Past Trustee:

Keep Waitakere Beautiful, Falls Hotel Preservation Trust
Trustee Henderson Heritage Trust.

and many other organisations and portfolios throughout council and community.

As an elected representative of the people of our city, I will balance my passion for the west and our diverse and wonderful people, with my ability to see a long-term vision for our region.   

I am a strong and honest representative for you.

I actively seek a win-win solution when working with you and your community.   

Serwood Park Reserve 1 - 2007.JPGCommitted to our Community: 

Success is always about teamwork and working towards positive outcomes.

I am a passionate child and youth advocate and older adults advocate for our community.

  • Justice of Peace.
  • Assisted in establishment of Bruce McLaren Ratepayers & Residents group.
  • Support the wonderful McLaren Park Henderson South Community Initiative (MPHS)
  • IMG_5928.jpgKey advocate for the West Hub MPHS community facility - 10 amazing years of work by this group prove how important they are to Henderson South and to Bruce McLaren area.
  • Assisted in the early formation of Western Heights Ratepayers & Residents group.
  • Past president & executive member Sunnyvale Ratepayers & Residents Association & community hall (21yrs)
  • Past Trustee Keep Waitakere Beautiful Trust: Trees for Babies, Trash to Fashion & much more.
  • Key advocate for Te Atatu Peninsula Library & Community Centre.
  • Community co-ordinator of the first major Keep Waitakere Beautiful Clean Stream Project on the Oratia Stream at Sunnyvale. We removed the years of accumulated rubbish, Waitakere City did stormwater work and slip repairs; then the community and local schools replanted the stream banks.  This very early work grew into the wonderful Project Twin Streams (PTS) network as part of a stormwater and restoration project funded through regional contracts. PTS is now in 'maintenance phase' however I worked with council and some of our community partnerships are still in place in PTS - quite a battle at the time as a few Auckland Council staff did not understand our community connection to this project. 

IMG_5232.jpgI have been involved in many community activities and events over the years including:

  • Parade Manager Henderson Community Celebration Trust and Grand Community Parade 
  • Celebrations at Hart Domain for the Teddy Bears Picnic - best playground in the west for children with disabilities. 
  • Massey High School reunion and celebration
  • Key volunteer member Henderson District 150th committee with two years of celebrations
  • Our wonderful Christmas in Henderson hosted by Henderson Massey is now back in Henderson for 2022.
  • Beautiful Trees for Babies events shared with families and children over many years 
  • and many more.

Respect and Equity:

Building Solutions for our Community

I am committed to your right to open and honest dealings with council.  

I will be a strong advocate for the community to be consulted on important issues.


As a strong and outspoken member of  Henderson-Massey Local Board and past city councillor, I am informed and best able to argue for your needs within the Auckland Council

I believe it is very important for us to retain our individual character as the west, our Waitakere will always be with us - they are the ranges that define our views. 

I will continue to support the Waitakere Ranges Heritage Area Act.

IMG_5813.jpgThese are just a few examples of the successful, community consultation and solution-building partnerships that I have been involved in:

Older adults housing - We have built  40 beautiful older adults units in Henderson Valley Road, Henderson and they opened in 2019. In Waitakere I initiated the work programme for the  improvements to our Older Adults Housing in Waitakere and the redevelopment of Wilsher Village for older people. It took quite a battle to get Auckland Council to recognise the needs of older people for housing. Council now has a partnership with Haumaru Housing as our social services partner.

Hart Domain - Development of playground in 90's for able bodied and disabled children and lovely Taniwha and Bullocks artworks - working to get a current upgrade into our parks work plan.

We are planning a wonderful, new,big modern playground for families with special needs - more on that later in we come back to consult with community.

Building of the Oratia Stream Walkbridge linking Sunnyvale & McLaren Park areas.


A place where people crossed the stream by traversing the pipes that crossed from bank to bank. The original walkbridge has been replaced as part of the Sunnyvale Railway Station upgrade and double-tracking of the rail line and is now linked to the wonderful PTS (Project Twin Streams) walkway and cycleway network. 

Some of the other initiatives I support that are important to our community are: the Ranui Action Project (RAP), Massey Matters, McLaren Park Henderson South Community Initiative (MPHS), Zeal Youth in Henderson, Community Waitakere and all our other partners. I have supported the rebuilding of our relationship with Hoani Waititi Marae and our Waitakere Ethnic Board relationship. The board is so close to finalising the lease for Te Atatu Marae.

  Other community successes:

As an example - View Road safety rebuild. One of the best outcomes from community consultation was the work that I initiated in the Sunnyvale / Henderson area, through Sunnyvale Ratepayers group and council. There was a desperate need for safety improvements to roads and footpaths in View, Millbrook, Seymour and Sunnyside Roads. The upgrades have been in place for some time now - it was an example of consultation that Waitakere adopted and a way of working with community that I have taken to my role in Henderson Massey Local Board.  


IMG_5874.jpgMy views have always been coloured by the things I have experienced, those I have learned and a heart and soul that values my Christian faith, our family and the future.

I know and love our city and the city is the people.

I am proud of the west, the diverse cultures, hard-working people and the beautiful natural environment. 

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