Brenda Brady
Brenda Brady: Informed, Honest, Committed to our community

About Me


My views have always been coloured by the things I have experienced, those I have learned and a heart and soul that values my Christian faith, our family and the future. 

I know and love our city and the city is the people. I am proud of the west, the diverse cultures, hard-working people and the beautiful natural environment. 

The work that I do in council and the volunteer time that I give are part of my commitment to my community - it is always about people. 

I am also a Justice of the Peace. 

A light-hearted look at where I come from: 

I have lived out west most of my life. We moved to Waitakere town-ship when I was a toddler, a short time in Whenuapai and then most of my teenage years in Massey.

The old Massey, where there where few buses, no activities or community centres - the only thing that interested me about the football club as a teenager was the boys. 

A place where a teenager thought it was just great to have a mate with an old, old car and the chance to go to Bethells (not called Te Henga then - I had been to school with the Bethells at Swanson), Piha, or right up the Waitak's on a sunny day.  Our youth group thought it was great just to be able to go roller skating at Tui Glen on a Saturday night. 

IMG_1287.JPGI attended Massey High School from 1970 when it first opened and Jack Adam and the teachers knew every one of us. 

Late teens and early 20's, I lived in houses and flats all over the west: Massey, Lincoln Road, New Lynn, Henderson, Glendene, and I forget the other places. If I was 5 minutes late I missed the bus to Henderson to get to work; night classes I couldn't get to as I had no car. 

If my friends and I wished to have fun, go shopping or to a nightclub, we went to a girlfriend's at Te Atatu South, caught a bus into Queen Street and then a taxi home at night. 

Then the Te Atatu Tavern & the Westward Ho opened and we sophisticated clubbers loved the bands and live music and wonderful Westies whom we never seemed to meet in the Queen Street clubs. 

IMG_5197.jpgIt was at The Ho that I met my wonderful husband Keith and fell in love. A handsome guy, with a good job and eyes that twinkled when he smiled. A Westie boy from Kelston. 

It was car-less days in 1978 - we bought a section together in Henderson - just five minutes walk from almost everything - one of the best decisions we made. It took a few years to afford to finish our home. We lived in Henderson over 40 years and have only just moved.

I will cut this funny, little story short. Our children are adults now, married and we have six darling little grandchildren. The apple of Nanna's eye.  Danielle went to Uni, marriage and now her and Grant are share-milking in Kerikeri.  Matthew went to Taranaki as a teenager; has a successful dairy farming career and is married to a local Naki girl called Judy. We love our family so very much.

This is not meant to be a politician's story - rather a small insight into where I come from and to help you to understand my commitment to our community. 

My Strengths in Business and Community:

I serve the community as a city councillor for Waitakere City in areas of governance, strategic planning and financial decision making and as an advocate on many community issues. 

A self-motivated and team orientated person with a passion for community, child and youth wellbeing and for the needs of older adults. 

IMG00132.jpgA commitment to caring for all people and recognising the strengths in the diverse cultures of the people of the west.  All people must be considered in decision-making. 

Holds high personal ethical standards. 

Strong skills in co-ordinating and administering community projects. Offers a supportive and inclusive consultative approach when working with people. 

Banking, office management and administration experience has enabled an organised and efficient approach to managing the challenging role of a city councillor. 

Proven abilities in a range of practical business functions, management and administration, local community and not for profit activities.    

Tui Glenn T4B 2007.JPGEducation and Employment: 

Swanson Primary School 
Massey High School 

Bachelor of Social Practice

And completed most of a Bachelor of Business, but moved over to Social Practice area

Diploma in Business

  • An experienced city councillor 

Waitakere City Councillor                                   

And Community Board Member

And Henderson Massey Local Board on Auckland Council for past 12 years.                    

 Twenty five years experience in banking, management and administration.

 Working for our community for over 25 years, both as your elected representative and as a volunteer and as a very dedicated and involved person in our community.



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