Brenda Brady
Brenda Brady: Informed, Honest, Committed to our community

Welcome, my name is Brenda Brady


I am standing for the Auckland Council, Henderson Massey Local Board as an Independent candidate. 

Election date           8 October 2022

Post your papers as soon as possible to be safe for delivery, or deliver them to Auckland Council 2-6 Henderson Valley Road, Henderson.

I am presently your elected member on Auckland Council for the Henderson-Massey Local Board. 

I am an experienced City Councillor and Local Board member with the knowledge and ability to bring together the diverse needs of the west and manage the pressures of the large Auckland Council.

I am a Justice of the Peace.

Local Government Experience:

Auckland Council, Henderson Massey Local Board    12 years

Waitakere City Councillor    6 years

and Community Board member     9 years












I will advocate strongly for the resources to be allocated fairly and equitably for the needs of the west. 

I will make positive and fair decisions that provide the best value from rates as a member of the Henderson-Massey Local Board.

I make a commitment to caring for all people and recognise the strengths in the diverse cultures of the people of the west.

I am committed to making the best decisions for the west and to strongly advocating to the Auckland mayor and councillors, in their goverance role, for decisions that affect the people of our west community.  

As an elected representative of the people of our city, I will balance my passion for the west and our diverse and wonderful people, with my ability to see a long-term vision for our region.

I am a strong and honest representative for you. In dealing with you and your community issues, or in debate in the council chamber, I actively seek a win-win solution.

Key Regional Issues 

I have put forward six key areas that are important to our region. It is not an inclusive list and each requires a whole of government, business and community approach as the issues are very complex.

We need to be part of creating the vision and ensuring that the foundations of the Auckland Council are laid on a set of Priorities and Strategies that the people of Auckland have been involved in designing.

Auckland Council must have a vision shared by the people of our city. The Auckland Plan and the Unitary Plan are important tools in the decision-making process.

I consider the key issues to be:

  • The People - that all people have a voice and are respected
  • Economic development and employment - that all can fully participate
  • Rates
  • Improvements to roads and public transport - Electrification of rail
  • Housing affordability and healthy homes
  • Strategic planning - A Vision - A Pathway to make Auckland Great

Henderson-Massey Local Board

The Henderson-Massey Local Board serves people in Henderson, Massey, Te Atatu, Ranui, McLaren Park, Western Heights, West Harbour and Glendene.

It is estimated that our Board now serves 125,000 people; the second largest board in the region.  

The Local Board has shared responsibility with the Auckland Council.

Government intended for the Local Boards to make decisions and manage all budgets and services that relate to the local area. We have spent three years 'fighting' for implementation of "co-goverance" - that local decisions are made by your local Board.

Some of the projects that I have strongly advocated for in our community are:

- the Te Atatu Peninsula Library and Community Centre

- Ranui Library was completed and the Ranui Community Centre redesigned

- the Te Manawa Westgate Library and Community Centre opened 2019

- creation of a series of new parks & public spaces in Westage area

- completion of the Glendene Hub

- Manutewhau Hub, Oriel Ave, Massey and partnership with Massey Matters

- 2012 Hub West in McLaren Park Henderson South opened

- many parks and reserves have been upgraded such as Te Rangi Hiroa Birdwood, Glen Road, Ranui; amazing Tui Glen Park and playground; McLeod Park Te Atatu South, Te Atatu Peninsula Park. Royal Reserve in Massey is amazing.

- very soon we will have a new, big and improvedf playground for all abilities where those with disabilites can enjoy family time together 

- at every opportunity advocating for another public swimming pool in the west 

- the wonderful Harbourview Orangihina Park, Te Atatu Peninsula has a management plan and now an ecological pathway. Now that the court case is settled this wonderful park and wetland is safe with the people of the west.


The 'culture' of Auckland Council is quite different to Waitakere and we have worked at strengthening relationships with our community; standing strong when changes challenged our partnerships with some community organisations. I acknowledge the part all Board members had to play in providing a united front in advocating for our community. 

It has taken quite a battle to stop Auckland Council putting their emphasis on the central city and south of Auckland. The roles and responsibilities of Locals Board members have not been defined by the legislation : they have been negotiated by the board members with the Auckland Council to best serve the needs and aspirations of our community.

I am a strong and experienced representative who will continue to advocate for you in the Henderson-Massey Local Board.

I lobbied hard for the UnLock Henderson development work that is happening in Henderson with Eke Panuku - it is about development of housing and opportunities for employment. Unfortunately it has been impacted by Covid and some timelines have been moved out.

The council has several council-controlled organisations (CCO's). The CCO structure moves funding and services away from community involvement in decision making, but we have built a good relationship with Panuku and we are working hard for more local involvement in Auckland Transport.

An example:  Waitakere consults with community for safe solutions to local roading problems. The Local Board has built a good working relationship with the Auckland Transport (CCO) over the past three years; but there are still many issues where we have to 'fight the good fight' for our community.   

I value the strong community partnerships that we have in the west and I am passionate in advocating for the needs of all our diverse communites.

Education and Experience

Completed a Bachelor of Social Practice and hold two Diploma in Business. 

I have a good understanding of the needs of our communites; the cultures and values that underpin our relationships. It is people that will makeAuckland great.

I will be your voice in the council to keep the people-first point of view that makes the west special.

I believe it is very important for us to retain our individual character as the west - our Waitakere will always be with us - they are the ranges that define our views. 


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